Why I Still Love the Song “Let it Go”

There are many things I love about Disney’s Frozen. I have a list. And of course, just like the rest of the public who still likes the movie, most of it has to do with the song “Let it Go.”

Why does it matter?

The song itself is a little out of place, just like the plotline; after all, Anna is the main character, and she is facing new ground, being out of the palace and all, and in the company of strange people and animals and later on, Olaf the magical snowman. There would be plenty to write about beside Elsa’s decision to stop fearing her power and herself.

Because it really puts things in perspective for the film. It is a climax to one of the movie’s arcs, and it is a big one many people come to face in their own life, about whether or not fear will play a role in their daily routines or not.

My favorite verse is when Elsa mentions how distance makes the big fears and the big things in her life seem small.

There are so many small things in my life which I thought were huge at the time I had to deal with them.

Braces come to mind. I hated my braces. Ten years later, I’ve almost rewritten my memory to where I didn’t have them.

Tests also come to mind, especially passing my driver’s test. I failed the written examine three times (I was nervous).

Some people even come to mind. Why did I worry about what said person thought of me? I barely remember his/her last name anymore. I went home for Christmas, and I thought I saw someone from high school, and I was only 50% sure it was who I was thinking of. It was enough to keep me from saying hi, anyway.

I’m sure one day, my young adult life will seem similar. Unhappiness in job? Sure, that’s easy. Worried about money? It worked out (here’s especially hoping for that one.) Concerned that because I am not famous, I’m wasting my life? Laughable.

The point is, I held onto my drama and my conflicts so much as a teenager, and yes, even as recently as this past year, that I really did need to learn to “let it go.” And this is something I am sure I will need to remind myself of for at least every week from now on.

Thank goodness I have a great song to remind me of just that now. Thanks Disney!



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