Meme Mentality

Do you have a “Meme Mentality?”

This is an issue that revolves around the majority of online conversations I want to have with people.

Memes DO NOT necessarily = truth.

Yes, I get that they are fun and provocative, and even easy to make. Some of them are hilarious, and they do tend to show a lot of creativity in a small amount of pixel space.

To fix this “Meme Fallacy” that’s been growing, I suggest we take Memes and have a disclaimer on them. Here are a few for your consideration:

DISCLAIMER #1: Caution: Issue discussed may require additional critical thinking.

DISCLAIMER #2: Caution: Someone is trying to sell you something. Results may vary.

DISCLAIMER #3: WARNING: Logical/Emotional appeals used haphazardly. Handle with care.

DISCLAIMER #4: ATTENTION! Reading this and taking it too seriously may result in lost time on the Internet arguing with others.

DISCLAIMER #5: Contains 200% nonsense in the real world; fantasy worlds may have various results.

Any others you can think of?



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