Take a Hike

One of the earliest books I remember reading was Walk Two Moons. I read it in about third grade, I want to say. Possibly fifth. It was a book about a girl who traveled to across the country with her grandparents, in order to find her mother.

There’s a huge, sad ironic twist in it. But I like the book. I still like reading it. I’ve had it on my own reading lists for teaching.

One of the things that the book had in it was the adage that before you judge someone, you need to “walk two moons” in their shoes.

As I’ve grown up and matured some, I see more stipulations being added in. I get that a person’s choices have a cause-effect type relationship, and that there isn’t such a thing as one bad choice destroying a life, but several successive steps heading down that road. I also understand that things can happen, and do, unexpectedly and sometimes terrifyingly.

I wish more people would take a hike. (Maybe we need an app for that?)

I specifically wish they would walk the steps down the way of suffering, down the walk of shame and pain, take off their shoes and fill out into the feet of Jesus as they are nailed to a cross.

I’m tired of our “Feel good” culture in America. It’s not healthy. As another great book, Cry, the Beloved Country taught me, even Our Lord suffered. If the Son of God suffers, what hope – delusionally or naively – have that we will not suffer too?


And like Christ, we will unite with others through our shared sufferings.


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