Our Lives, Our Stories, & Our DNA

Inside of every one of us is a story.

A story began when we began, and we began interacting with other stories ever since we began. This is why stories matter to us, influence us, shape our cultures, affirm our beliefs, and challenge us to grow. We are all stories.

And just like our lives, our stories are made up of a particular strand of DNA – the DNA of our choices. 

We have an author to our beginning, just as we have a Creator for our DNA. There are characters, settings, plots, and conflict, just as sure as there are Cytosine, Guanine, Thymine, and Adenine. There are the two-stranded sides of good and evil, like the sugar phosphate supporting the interacting zipper lines of chemicals. And there are plot twists, surprises, downward spirals, and upward battles, much like the swirling strand of the double helix.

The comparison doesn’t stop there. Over the next several stretches of time (blogs), I will revisit this concept, because that is what Storyhelix is all about. It is about you, your story, my story, and the overall grand story of time, stretching out into eternity.

I’m hoping you’ll share your stories, whatever part of the plot you’re in, and I hope you’ll enjoy listening to mine.

After all –

We’re all stories in the end.



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