Storyhelix Review 008: Wolf Code

When I was younger, I’d always had a feeling I’d been born in the wrong time period. Now I am a bit older, I can say I probably would hate living in an era where girls had to wear pantaloons and there was limited indoor plumbing. But the call to return to nature and a simpler time remains.

That leads me to Wolf Code: A Sheltering Wilderness, the first book from a new author named Chandler Brett.

Wolf Code presents a story that is pulled apart between two sets of characters – the humans and the wolfs – and while their stories are often at a parallel, they are deeply connected by the importance of choice.


Donovan Williams – Don – struggles to make choices in growing up as he attends college and works as a Teaching Assistant. It’s there he meets Tsula Watie, a girl with a feather in her hair and a deep love in her heart for wolves and nature. After several months of getting to know each other (and a little competition from Don’s roommate), Don and Tsula begin to date.

But rough waters are ahead, as Don realizes his interests in pursuing his career in virtual reality gaming are directly juxtaposed to Tsula’s mission to help wolves, specifically a wolf pack that faces the question of survival.

Questions the Book Prompts One to Answer: 

1. What does it mean to grow up? Many teenagers will identify with Don’s uncertainty about his future as well as his hesitation to make the right choices about what he believes versus what is easy.

2. What does it mean to love someone? Others will respond to the wolf pack dilemma, as the newly elected Alpha male of a wolf pack, Kan, faces the choice to step up to leadership in a group of wolves with new members. In seeking to be with his mate, Lana, he has to give up his comfort and make sacrifices.

3. What is the relationship between trust, truth, and love? Always a good question up for debate.

4. When is the next book in the series coming out? Unfortunately, that’s one I can’t answer. But you can look for that answer and order signed copies of the book here.


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