Personality Check

If it’s one thing that I’ve become accustomed to, it’s my need to understand how to get the upper hand when it comes to dealing with people.

That sounds sadistic, if you don’t know me very well.

I’m a teacher, and I’ve been teaching now for close to five years. I’ve had to go into the classroom mid-year, immediately establish myself as a competent, proficient, and professional worker, and win the kids over at the same time. It’s hard, but I’ve done it.

Part of this is being able to read people well. Sherlock has taught me well. The other part is getting your students to learn about themselves.

I usually do this with a Myers-Briggs test.


For the record, I was an INFP the first time I took it. I was also an INFP the last time I took it. I had one bad day where I took it and I was an INTJ. But I’ve settled down into the INFP lifestyle quite well. Apparently, a lot of writers and artists and humanitarians are INFPs. I hope to one day officially join their ranks.

My high school students love taking this test. I think Keirsey should just offer it for free for high schoolers, so they can encourage brand growth that way. They get to find out about what kind of person they are, and how they are likely to respond to certain events or situations, and they love it.

In my literature classes, sometimes we even take them as characters from the stories we’re reading, and in my writing classes, sometimes we take them as the characters we are writing. It’s brilliant.

Of course, the best part is, I learn about my students while they learn about them. It makes it easier to connect with them, to help them learn the material, and yes, even preempts a lot of misbehavior.

A Free Personality Test is a great way to check this out about yourself. Of course, just because you’re a certain type doesn’t mean that you’ll fit perfectly, or that it will stay that way. But it’s fun to try! I mean, look at all those goofy quizzes that go around Facebook and other social media sites.

Take it and let me know in the comments down below what type you are, and I’ll tell you how I’d manage you as a student. You know, just for fun.


2 thoughts on “Personality Check

    1. I actually have a great student right now who is an INTJ, and he’s a great worker but always unsure if people really like him unless they say it. So I would make sure to tell you how great it is to know you and have you share part of your life with our class!

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