Storyhelix Review 012: Isola di Squalo

So it is the middle of winter right now, here in the USA; what better way to combat the chill of the cold mornings than with a book set on an island in the Mediterranean?

That’s where the setting is of Heidi Peltier‘s novel series, The Delmar Shark Chronicles, takes place.

The book centers on Dylan Murphy, a Texas high school student who gets placed in a competitive internship for marine biologist/scientists on Isola di Squalo, or the “Island of the Shark,” in the Mediterranean Sea. Once he’s there, he meet the small country’s royal family, including Princess Terra, Prince Frederich (“Fedder”) and Princess Delphine, who is also called “Fezzah” by Fedder.

While he’s out on the internship, it quickly becomes his job to get Terra’s approval for the scientific program that is responsible for his internship. Terra, the next ruler in line for the throne of the isle, is opposed to the projects Dr. Stieber – who is in charge of the facility – has implemented.

Best Things: 

1. Bitter/Sweet Teen Romance: Fans of my work know well I love romances that start off with hate. Terra and Dylan don’t initially get along, but in the end . . . ah, well, you’ll just have to see, won’t you?

2. Legends & Learning: There’s a great combination of facts and science alongside the legend of Merrick Delmar, the ancestor who is haunted all his life of the return of the Great Beast.

3. Sibling & Family: I can’t name a lot of great teen romances that have a lot of siblings (outside Jane Austen’s works) where brothers and sisters are also included and well-developed. It gave the romance a more realistic twist, and it’s nice to see more of a family-orientated love story, even if it is a tragic love story.

4. Series: When you have a good romance, the best thing is to see that it lives on. Heidi Peltier’s got a whole series of the Delmar Shark legend, and it’ll be interesting to see where it goes!

Have you read the series? Let me know what you think in the comments below! And since the journey is just as important as the destination, I don’t mind spoilers. (I’m no fun, I know.)


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