Blog Contributors Shout-Out

This blog would not be possible or as good as it is (will be) without the help of others. Here’s a list of some of my blog contributors I’ve had write me articles over the years!


I was born in England to parents in the Armed Forces, which meant that we travelled a lot; I had been to 5 different schools before the age of 12. My high school was more like a war zone and I’m not actually sure how I survived, or how I achieved grades good enough to get me into university. I studied English Literature for three glorious years with Jane Austen and Samuel Coleridge for company, most of it spent reading on the beach at Aberystwyth.

K T BowesI have lived in lots of towns and villages but probably love Market Harborough in the UK the best. I found quite a few things there which I had lost, including a love of the supernatural. A few hundred years down the line and I am married with four grown up children and have been living in New Zealand since 2006. We got on the plane to come here with a one way ticket and a suitcase each. A lot of people thought we were crazy. We still are.


Blogspot:  Facebook: Twitter: @hanadurose Her teen books are Free From the Tracks and Sophia’s Dilemma


K Tomlinson
Photo Credit: Mark Satchwill

I was born in Washington D.C. but have lived in Los Angeles since I was 22. Unlike natives, I love the weather. (Seriously, how can you complain about sunshine?) I sold my first story to a newspaper the day before I turned 17. I’m a freelance writer and editor now.






Jennifer Loiske

Jennifer Loiske is a mother of two teenagers, a pre-school teacher and a teen/young adult author, whose books are available on Amazon worldwide. She lives in Finland, loves dogs, sunny days and sailing. She’s also a part of international author alliance, Authors For Charity,  and a team member in Epilepsy FI.

Her latest novel, Black Diamond, is available now! Check her out on the Internet! Links:  Facebook:  Twitter:


Want to add your name to the list? Contact me and we’ll see about getting a guest post set up for you as well!


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