Storyhelix Review 014: Gifted Merely Human

There are plenty of days if I wonder if I am human at all, but there are a couple where I get to wonder at what it does mean to be “merely” human. There’s so much power in the universal things – truth, love, and faith.

So I was pretty tickled to read Stephanie Adam’s Gifted Merely Human book. The awesome cover did a good job of convincing me it would be great fun.

I was not disappointed.

Evelyn is a young girl who’s out on her own after the death of her mother. She is approached by Grace, who works for the Community, a society that does some covert operations, and helps train talented people like Evelyn. Evelyn harbors some paranormal talents – including manipulating the elements, working with animals, and changing nature. She is also very aware of the people and animals that surround her.

Though she is uncertain of Grace, she agrees to join the Community, where she meets Matthew. They quickly fall in love while Evelyn goes through her training at the Community, and eventually end up on going on missions together. It is during this time that Evelyn becomes aware of inside sabotage, and the plot to end her life.

Best Things:

1. Fast-Paced Action: It’s definitely a YA read, with lots of movement and motion throughout the story. There’s enough of a balance any reader will get to reflect on the different implications, especially of some elements of the subplots, but it’s definitely something today’s teens will find engaging.

2. Likable Protagonist: Evelyn’s character is a good mix of innocent and troubled, something that will resonate with a lot of people. Upon hearing of her mother’s death, we sympathize and we care about what happens to her. Seeing her grow in her powers and in her own responsibility makes us appreciate her good decision-making skills. She seems like a good role model for teenagers today.

3. Friends: There’s a lot of “me against society” stuff out there, so I was pleased to see Nina and Ryan’s romance and friendship with Evelyn. I liked that Evelyn has friends besides Matthew, and you get to see a lot of their interactions. I especially liked how they had each other’s backs during missions and would playfully banter in their down time.

4. Not sure if this counts, but cliffhanger ending. Gifted will have a sequel for sure, and the ending is emotional and grand and hard, but it’ll be good seeing Evelyn and her friends in the next book.

The second book is currently a work in progress. But in the meantime, you can check out another one of Stephanie Adams’ books here:

Have you read Gifted? Let us know what you think in the comments below!




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