Storyhelix Spotlight 001: Agape Authors

Personal experience can be an unending source of learning.

I’ve been wading in the writing business for about two years. I’ve made a slow journey of it, considering I’ve often been plagued by fear and self-doubt, so it’s shocking to realize I could actually pass on some good insights into people who are just starting out.

Somehow, my tip-toeing through the tulips of publishing and writing has allowed me to lose sight of my backyard. Metaphorically, of course.

Many other blogs will confirm that a good book cover is the first and most essential thing a new writer will need to sell a book. People are shallow, right?

One of my recent book covers came from Agape Authors.


Agape Authors is run by Stephanie Adams, who is also a writer and author of a couple of novels. (At the time of writing this, I am actually making my way through her Gifted Merely Human novel.)

Besides her book covers, which you can see a good sampling of in her portfolio, Stephanie can help you with marketing services, ebook and book formatting, and sales banners. She also offers Indie Author book reviews on her sister site, Indie Author Review.

It’s a good place to head if you’re looking for something to help you finish up your books and get them publish-ready. I liked working with Stephanie on my novella series, Once Upon a Princess, and would definitely recommend her to my readers.

In writing, the same as it is in other places, it’s more often about who you know than anything else.

Check out her sites and let us know what you think in the comments!



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