God as the Grand Storyteller

One of the things I’ve learned through exploring more and more about story structure and the elements that create a narrative is how much they show God.

There are, currently, four main arguments for the existence of God:

  1. The Cosmological Argument (the “world,” or universe, was created): The universe had a definite beginning, based on the science of the Big Bang Theory (not to be confused with The Big Bang Theory). Because it had a beginning, there had to have been a cause. God is seen as the “causer” of the universe.
  2. The Teleological Argument (the “teleos” or “design” argument): Life on Earth is only possible because of a “finely tuned” setting in which the universe, solar system, and even Earth itself are placed in the universe.
  3. The Ontological Argument (the “God = the greatest good which can be conceived of” argument): God is seen as the highest conception of good, and since it can be imagined, it can be real.
  4. The Moral Law Argument (the good and evil argument): Based off of the universal feelings of “right” and “wrong,” which are able to be objectified, people can have lives of meaning and purpose because we have the choice for good or evil in our lives’ potential. My favorite book that touches on this topic is Mere Christianity
    by C. S. Lewis.

I’m here to propose a 5th Primary Argument for the Existence of God: The Story Argument.


Writing is not just writing down words on a paper.

Writing a story – indeed, the best story possible – we need an author, much as the cosmological argument says there needs to be a cause, a story has to have a storyteller.

In stories, there are different elements which, much like the ideas of “right” and “wrong,” will show that it provides structuring principles, flexibility for growth, and objectivity for truth. These elements include, but are not limited to, setting, character, conflict, and resolution.

Stories cater to the idea of purpose as much as they provide it – to entertain, to persuade, to inform.

And stories use words – of all things, communication is an absolute many people overlook.

We have different elements that we directly experience that we can’t fully explain without a grand storyteller, a great creator.

Let me know what you think about my argument so far!


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