Storyhelix Review 015: Chasing Lady Midnight

There’s no denying that superhero adventures are popular today. Between the Avengers
and the DC equivalent found in shows such as Arrow and The Flash and movies like Man of Steel and Christopher Nolan’s Batman, there are plenty of superheroes flying around the media.

But sometimes, rather than a comic or a movie, a book can be a great way to see into the superhero world. Of course, MY OWN BOOKS fall into this category, so I just might be destined to enjoy a good story like C. L. Ragsdale‘s Chasing Lady Midnight. 

What would happen to the world if superheros were always running around, doing government work, and then they – or the Squad – became power-hungry? That’s the situation Helannore, also called Annie, also known as Lady Midnight, faces. Having come into her superpowers a bit later than other supers, she suddenly finds herself and all her novice superpowers the only hope to stop the Squad from maintaining its power over its people.

Best Things: 

1. Humor. Lady Midnight is hilarious. Her dry wit and sardonic observations will keep you laughing and interested in the story.

2. Reliance on God. In an age where superhero movies continue to draw big box-office crowds, it’s nice to see one that really and authentically realizes her shortcomings and her need for a higher power that is not found on Earth.

3. Rafe. Lady Midnight has a fiance, and his name is Rafe. And he’s just adorable.

4. Family Complications. The added pressure of Lady Midnight’s situation’s come out with the interactions with her family. Her sister, Isabel, is a superhero as well, but no one knows that Annie’s powers have just begun to manifest. Annie’s role as family outcast is seen clearly when Isabel doesn’t invite her to the wedding.

5. Good characterization. It’s hard to create good villains and heroes who don’t appear one-sided. Lady Midnight’s connection with her friends-turned-nemeses proves to be a great plot twist that is unexpected and initially hard to believe, but true. Those are the best kinds of surprises in books.


Have you read this book? Let me know if you have in the comments below, and what you thought of it!



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