Storyhelix Review 016: The Great Brownie Taste-Off

Who doesn’t like brownies?

That’s a question I’m not sure I really want an answer to.


Lisa Maliga is the author of these novels, and she lets her readers know right off that her books are inspired by true stories. The story of The Great Brownie Taste-Off reminds me very much of an after-school special that briefly slides into an R-rated nightclub and its pimp-like owner, Rocky. 

Yolanda is a simple young lady who loves to bake. She is always baking, and wants to open her own bakery one day, which she calls “Yolanda’s Yummery.” She works at a cat shelter in the meantime, working with 175 or more cats to find good homes. She loves them so much she often brings them cat treats to try out.

Yolanda finds out from one of her friends, Teagan, that there’s a job opening where she could make over 900.00 a night. Yolanda heads out to an interview to find Rocky Montoya, the owner, is looking for stripper-like dancers and servers. When Yolanda doesn’t dance for her interview, Rocky is initially upset, until he sees she can type well. Through this interview, Yolanda finds out Rocky is trying to buy out her cat shelter – and replace it with a ready-made dessert company’s frozen treats.

Brownie Points to: 

1. Cats. Yolanda’s affection for the animals in need is genuine and real, and since Maliga offers scenes where the characters interact with the animals, her work brings to light the need for cats to find a good home and for companies that support them, like the Human Society.

2. Brownies. Included at the end of the book is a recipe for brownies. Cook book + storybook = a delicious combination.

3. Business Dreams. For all the “anti-establishment” sentiment going around these days, there are not many people willing to start their own business. Yolanda’s dream of starting her own Yummery is inspiring.

4. Justice is served! I won’t give it away, but the bad guys are punished, and the good guys triumph over evil. The fact it’s based on a true story makes it even better.

Check out the book and its sequels on Amazon today!


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