Why I Started Storyhelix

You don't get to go through life without trying to find ways to forget about it. I've noticed this a lot, particularly in regards to the teenage years.
Especially the embarrassing parts, like when your secret valentine thought the prettier girl sitting next to you in History class gave him the special valentine, or maybe when you've called up a crush pretending a friend gave you their phone number.
Like when you realized your friends were doing stuff you didn't want to do, and they laughed at you for saying it was dangerous to suck up helium.
Like when you are trying to have a nice discussion with someone, and you think it ends well, only to hear later on the guy is telling everyone you told him he was going to hell.
I could go on here for awhile.
Storyhelix is a celebration of the good times, the bad times, and the times I spent trying to escape my reality, and now, as a writer, how I try to slip back and forth between my worlds of yesterday and possibly tomorrow, recalling the awkward and celebrating the fun and sweet and real life times.
I started this webpage for teenagers in particular. It was my dream to find a way to support artistic, lonely, struggling, celebrating, skilled, and incredible teens; that was part of the reason I went into teaching high school. Realizing the limited ability I have there, I started this blog with the hopes anyone might find compassion, sympathy, support, and silliness here to help them through whatever they're going through at the time. But it is really for everyone. After all, age is not a measure of maturity of anything but the body.

The DNA of the story is complementary to the DNA of the soul; it is my belief that God created you with a story in mind, and it is up to you to write your own dialogue along the way. You'll also see some blog posts from my writer friends, some book reviews, some creative talent showcases, and some heartwarming or heartbreaking stories from teens and adults about growing up, learning from their mistakes, celebrating their accomplishments, all while just trying to make the world a better place with our openness and honesty.

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