Storyhelix Review 020: The Broken Daisy

Book series are great (most of the time) because they can really draw a reader in, let them get familiar with the world, and see where the characters end up. The process of reading is often enriched through this reality.

As a writer, I also know it helps to drive sales. Which is why you should continue reading a book series if you are for certain uber curious about where the story will go when you leave it at the end of each book.

Black Earth‘s first novel, End of the Innocence, made me curious. So I picked up Book 2 today!

The story of Nathan Pierce and his group continues as he starts to look for his sister, Daisy, who has been captured by the US Government after she refused to get a tattoo that would allow her to buy and receive goods under martial law. She knows after being tortured that she is going to be an example to others for what happens when you don’t follow the law of the land.

Nathan and Sin/Cynthia head out to LA to find her, only to meet up with Nathan’s friend Heather, who has feelings for Nathan, and some of the people she went to camp with. Heather has found out she has special powers, including the ability to help fight off demons. Legion, who is leading the demon army to Earth for Armageddon with the aid of Evanescence, a witch, attempts to attack them on their way. During this time, Cynthia’s mother reappears, and tries to regain control over her daughter, even though there’s no lost love between the two of them.

Pearl, the mystic being and daughter of Evanescence, is the one Nathan dreams about. He finds out she is meant to be his, and he belongs to her.

With the end of the world and all the powers of darkness pressing in, will Nathan manage to find and free Daisy, or will her blood be spilled out for all to see?

As usual, I’m not giving away the ending; but I will remind readers here the books are Christian Spec fiction, and so there’s some graphic stuff (sex, violence, etc.) that  goes on. So, head’s up on that.

Best Things: 

1. Stakes are up, Suspense is high. I read the book in one sitting. If you liked the first book, chances are, you will want one sitting for this one, too.

2. Christian themes. It’s important to remember the fundamentals of faith when the end is coming closer. I think that’s a pretty fair statement, and it is a very real reality where people who say they believe one thing don’t actually know if they do believe it until their faith is tested.

3. Cliffhanger. Once more, cliffhangers can be good or bad, and I still want to know more by the end. Book 3’s not due out for a bit though, so this is more on the “awkward” side of cliffhangers.

The book is out today, so please check it out and let us know what you think of it in the comments below!



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