Important Things

Everyone has things that are important to them.

When I really know a person, I know what is important to them, and how far they will go to get it.

It’s surprising to realize, as you grow up, just how differently people see the world from you, and their priorities are an example of how really get a good idea of just how different they are from you.

I consider it a mark of maturity, realizing that other people value different things.

I do think we all want similar things – peace, prosperity, comfort, value, respect, love, etc. That’s why it’s also important to realize people want different things in different ways and in different amounts.



For example, I know people who want to have a relationship. They want a girlfriend or boyfriend, a husband or a wife. They want romantic love, even as they want to be loved. But they are loved, by their brothers and sisters and mothers and fathers and neighbors and friends and even possibly some co-workers.

So, what’s something that’s important to you? How much? In what ways?

A lot of the time, we can learn about others by asking ourselves these questions too. I’d love for you guys to share some of your answers in the comments below!


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