Storyhelix Review 021: Alora: The Wander-Jewel

There’s nothing like an interdimensional romance on a late winter’s evening. Picking up Alora: The Wander-Jewel by Tamie Dearen, you will find a tale of young love, impossible fates, and evil.

In the story, Alora is a 15-year-old girl who raised by her Uncle Charles on a ranch in Montana. She has visions of a strange boy, Kaevin, who in turn also dreams of her. He sees her as she sees him, even as she lives in our “world” of the modern-day Earth, and he lives in another realm. Upon their meeting (by complete accidental transport) Alora finds out her mother was a bearer, a Stone Clan woman capable of transporting people (teleportation).

As Kaevin and Alora’s relationship grows – their connection referred to as ‘soulmates,’ a term used to describe a special bond between warriors in Kaevin’s clan – they also find out that Alora’s father, a member of the Water Clan, is after her for her strange power, and is determined that she will either join him or perish.

Talking Points: 

1. Raised by a single father/uncle figure. I think it’s pretty cool to see an uncle step up and take care of Alora. As they find out, Alora’s mother begged them to raise her when she transported to our world, so Charles is Alora’s adopted uncle. His wife, her adopted aunt and mother figure, Lena, died previous to the book’s events.

2. Boy Meets Real World, Girl Explores Fantasy World. I thought the mishmash of the two worlds – Kaevin’s tribal youth, and Alora’s modern-day world – created a lot of humor between them.

3. Would make a good movie. Many of the scenes are very visually depicted, and it would make a good movie. Reminded me of some familiar titles of other fantasy books which have been made into movies in recent years, such as The Hobbit


Have you read the book? Let us know what you think of it in the comments below!


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