Storyhelix Review 022: Bloodline

Having grown up in the golden era of Smallville, I have an affinity for the plot device of having a meteor crash into the Earth. I actually have used it in my own work, in Slumbering.

But while I’ve enjoyed the supernatural/paranormal/extraterrestrial twists the plots have taken, Tara Ellis’ Bloodline is among the first I’ve read where more of a medical crisis takes center stage.

Alexis, better known as Alex, watches as a meteor shower hits Earth close to her hometown. She lives alone with her mother and her brother; her father died a couple years prior to the book’s story. After the meteor hits, everyone starts to get sick, and then they start to change.

Alex, as she watches this happen, is befriended by Chris, one of her fellow high school students. She relies on him more and more as time goes by, and once Alex’s brother, Jacob, is infected, she knows it is time to take action. Her father has left her clues on how to defeat the virus, handed down to her from the last 5000 years of her Egyptian heritage.

Best Points: 

1. Family Heritage. In an age where modernism’s defragmentation has come back with a vengeance, the family institution remains a core focus of Ellis’ work. Alex is able to help save the world, and her family, by the knowledge and secrets her father passes along down to her.

2. Ancient History meets Modern Day. Is anyone else sad that Tom Cruise is going to be in the remake of The Mummy? I loved the originals. Bloodline is a good teen-friendly story where Ancient History has left clues, patterns, and protections that reach into the modern era.

3. Just enough romance! I really thought the more ordinary role Chris played as a potential boyfriend was brilliant. Saving the world is hard enough without having to worry your heroine is going to let her romantic feelings get in the way.

And Bloodline is only the beginning! The series continues with Heritage, Book 2 in the Forgotten Origins series.



Have you read this book? Let us know what you think in the comments below!


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