The Starlight Chronicles Grows with Book 4

Happy news to my readers!

Remembering (Book 4 of The Starlight Chronicles) is coming soon.  #TSC4

Book 4’s initial draft is finished, and it’s off to my amazing editor for some work.

But the book cover is finished! Here’s a peek:




What happens in this episode: 

  1. Our hero finally discovers who Starry Knight really is!
  2. SWORD comes back with more business to take care of – and it’s bad.
  3. Cheryl finally presents her argument for Wingdinger and Starry Knight’s indictment to the Apollo City judiciary committee – with Hamilton’s help.
  4. Gwen faces the reality of loving someone who doesn’t love her back – with disastrous results.
  5. Mikey must make important decisions about keeping Hamilton’s secret.


And many more things!!



Anticipated Release date: April 2016. 



What do you think of the cover peek? Are you excited? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments below!!


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