Chocolate Ginger Cookies

The work of an author is never done, it seems. I say this because I love it and I hate it, and it’s true.

As an author, I dream for hours at a time of what I am going to write. I spend about twice the amount of time dreading writing it as I do dreaming about writing it.

Have you ever read a good book – like it was perfect, so engrossing you kept at it for an entire session, even if it took you six hours?

If you’ve followed up said good book with a bad book, it’s easier to see how much time and effort goes into a good book.

Good books just don’t happen. I know. I’ve been writing more consistently now for two years, and I’m finally okay with most of my work. MOST. I’ve even gotten to the point where I’m only at double the amount of time dreading writing something. Believe me, it used to be a lot more.

I am proud of most of the work I’ve done. I think the average person who is outside my brain might like it a bit more than I do (objectively), but I’m pretty happy with life as a writer.

So, today, I’m going to celebrate; I think I’m entitled (some), having just finished up (#TSC4) Book 4 in my Starlight Chronicles series.

This is my version of celebrating:



Chocolate Ginger Cookies, courtesy of The Fickle Pickle Cafe in Roswell, Georgia, just north of Atlanta.

It’s worth the trip!!


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