Good Enough

One of the best phrases in the English language is “Good enough.”

I used to be way more of a perfectionist than I am now. It would drive me crazy, because whether it would be what I was writing or if I was drawing, my vision would not exactly match the results. It was infuriating.

Needless to say, my perfectionism caused me to have a lot of stress, even when it was latent, and so I have become more aware of its detrimental results on me and my mindset, and my behavior, too. If you see it enough, you learn to recognize it. And it’s a terrible thing to recognize.

I would snap at people, I would be mean. I would make jokes that were not really jokes, just so I could get away with saying what was really on my mind. I would purge the house of junk, clean obsessively, and vent to my mother for probably at least a good hour. Although, I guess in all fairness, she would probably not call it a “good” hour.

Since I had my epiphany about how needless the stress of perfectionism is, I have embraced the beauty of the phrase “good enough.” It’s not an excuse for half-bummery, and standards still matter. But if I get 85% of 100% of my vision, that’s definitely a “good enough” situation. Other people don’t notice it’s only 85%. 

I am lucky in two ways with this.

First, I have recognized that perfectionism is not fun. Not good. Too polarizing and stressful for it to be good for me.

Second, I realize just how much I do need a savior.


Art is one thing, where standards exist but we have a lot of room to play inside of the lines, but God demands perfection of us. I can’t give it. And even if I follow all the rules and try my hardest, chances are I’ll be snapping at people (when he told us to love them) or I’ll be prioritizing all my needs over others (whereas we are supposed to take care of our needs and others’ at the same time.) And then my mother will probably still hear about it for a good hour, when it suddenly turns into a brag-fest, passive-aggressive style.

So, I am not good enough. But God is good, and he makes me good enough through Jesus my savior – our savior.

And there is a lot of freedom and peace in knowing that.


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