Storyhelix Review 024: Hidden Deep

One of the best things about reading teenage love stories is how true you get to see love really is. So much of adulthood can erode away the magic. In reading Hidden Deep by Amy Patrick, I found she included a lot of that intrigue and wonderment.

The story of the novel saga (Hidden Deep is Book 1 of 4, followed by Hidden Heart) centers around Ryann Carroll, a young teenage girl who is saved by Lad, a strange boy she is unable to forget.

As she grows closer to him, she finds his world is very different from hers – because he is an Elf. An Elvish Prince, as it is, too, the heir to the throne of the Light Elves, a race of elves committed to keeping their existence hidden from the human population.

Lad is just as taken with Ryann as she is with him, but Elvish politics, Ryann’s parent’s divorce, and her grandmother’s hidden past all factor in on whether or not Lad and Ryann’s relationship will last.

Kudos to:

  1. Keeping it real. There were real discussions of sex, relationships, and marriage, and complications which arise from all those things – particularly if those things are broken, misused, or abused. There were also a lot of real discussions on money, debt, and teenage/people’s obsessions with celebrities. I appreciated a lot of the wry humor and some of the hidden commentary on “real world” issues.
  2. The magic of books. Who would ever NOT fall in love with a “Lad” who is drawn to books?
  3. Twists. I figured out some of the twists in the book before they happened, but it didn’t stop me from enjoying it anyway. I love the wordplay, too – very reminiscent of John Green novels.

Books 2, 3, and now 4 are out – and there promises to be more for this exciting and touching saga!


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