Pay Attention

I love my kids. They have taught me so much about life and writing in the short time I have had them.

Here’s one of the bigger things I have learned from them: Pay attention.

Pay attention to what you are doing, because you can easily get hurt or hurt others.

Pay attention to what you hear, because some people have a lot of terrible ideas and terrible ways of presenting those ideas (even mom and dad, your teachers, and you, yourself.)

Pay attention to what is going on around you, because you get to choose whether you are going to participate in it, or create some big of your own.

Pay attention to the people who look out for you. While you still get to make the call on whether or not you listen or follow their directions or advice, their voice has earned a place in your life for good reasons. (If reasons are not good or have been invalidated, that is a decision you get to decide between you and God.)

Pay attention to the really important things in life, rather than the things yelling the loudest.

Pay attention to what you are learning as well as what you are not learning – you’ll learn twice as much in half the time.

Finally, pay attention to God. Heaven and earth will pass away, but his truth remains. And there is nothing more real than that.


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