I’ve always loved Haikus. They are short and to the point, but there is this underlying, mysterious nature-type lesson able to be gleamed from any amount of study time after reading one. They are the Sparknotes or Cliffnotes of poetry.

While Haiku poems are supposed to be about nature, I’ve decided to make mine about human nature – namely, my own.

So here are 5.2 Haiku poems to consider thoughtfully, pondering them as they give you a tranquil sense of peace, prosperity, and all that kind of warm gooey feelings inside. And hopefully on the inside, if anyone seeks to fulfill the M&Ms Haiku. Or the last one. That works, too. Speaking of work…


I really hate work

Does anyone else hate to work?

What a dumb question.


All kinds of colors

Tasting like happy fluff stuff

Yay sugar sweetness.


Waking Up Process

No no no! No no

Please God, not morning already.

I want to sleep more.

Writing Process

 Yes, I am a genius

This is pure gold, really great!

Oh wait not its not.

Best Case Scenario

Watch Disney movies.

Eat a cookie, read a book.

Go to sleep. Perfect!


 Under construction…



*Yawn. Till Next time. Anyone else have some good topics for Haikus? I’d love to get some with memes.


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