Storyhelix Review 026: A Chance to Come True

It’s getting close to springtime here where I live, and because it is Atlanta, springtime’s arrival might as well be summer’s. But the weather is a perfect match for reading sweet romances like S M Spencer‘s A Chance to Come True

The story starts off on an adventurous event, with the protagonist, Caity, selling her house and buying a new one out in the more rural parts of Melbourne, in Australia. If Australia alone isn’t enough to get you to pick up the book, something’s wrong with you. Yes, really.

Caity begins to settle in and meets Tom, the owner of a feed store and well-acquainted with a lot of the town. He and Caity immediately, but separately, recognize they are attracted to each other, but because Caity’s just started her new life as a small farm girl and writer, after breaking things off with her boyfriend, and because Tom still carries the deep scars of his ex-wife’s sudden and unexpected departure, they take their time in developing their friendship and romance.

Coolest Things about the Story: 

1. Awkward Romance. On some level, after reading and enjoying various books, it’s always nice to see conversation comes hard when two people destined for each other meet. I immediately felt a kinship with Caity over her uncertainty regarding Tom.

2. Family and Baggage. Romance without baggage is rare in today’s world. It’s nice to see that Caity has her past to contend with – her ex-boyfriend who thought he was too good for her, and who was reluctant to share in her vision for the future – while Tom is carrying the hurts of his past with his family. Both his mother and wife have deeply hurt him, and with his kids’ futures on the line, a relationship has to be more than worth it for him to pursue. The real-life priorities really make the magic more potent.

3. Friendships and Horses. With Caity’s friends supporting her, and her new animals around her house, there is no shortage of love available to her. With her horse, Rocky, and her kitten, Ebony, Caity bravely begins to face the world on her own. These are also the things that bring Tom’s children around to visit Caity and solidify their relationship as not only a couple, but as a family.

4. Pain. I appreciated how the author mentioned harder topics to talk about when it comes to understanding people and the choices they make – topics such as postnatal depression and abuse are often misunderstood, and the characters who are left to deal with the consequences of such are often stumped and hurt, and can even blame themselves.
Overall, this was a good romantic read, and perfect for the warmer weather!


Have you read this book? What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments below!



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