Do What You Can

As I am writing this, I am looking over the reports on what happened in Brussels on March 22nd.

I am heartbroken for these people, as they have lost so many.

At times like these, I am not sure of what to do. What can I really do?

There’s a lot of criticism by some people in the media that all others do is pray. We send out #prayersforparis, #prayingforCA, we #prayforbrussels. A lot of people sit back and wonder that God would allow evil things to happen in this world. (Of course, I usually ask them if they think it’s possible Satan could be at work, and they just blink at me.)

It’s times like these, where I am half a world away, where I know the first and only clear thing I can do is pray.


Afterward, I will take suggestions of how to help.

I know I’ll probably end up giving blood again in the near future.

I will look at gofundme and find something I can stand with (I’m pretty at this point sure that gofundme specifically targets me for baby cases.)

In the meantime, I will pray and go home and hug my children tightly, and tell them that Jesus loves me and Jesus loves them, and he died for us and there’s no one who will take that from us. They can crush our hearts, but they cannot take our true home away from us.

I will teach them to love others, pray for others, forgive others, but don’t be stupid or lazy. Know who you’re dealing with, carefully consider possible outcomes, don’t feel like you’re being unfair by looking out for the people you love – if we truly love someone, we want what is best for them, and we want to protect them.

And my work will start by prayer.


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