A Pinch of Magic, Please!

Courtesy of Jennifer Loiske.

“The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease for ever to be able to do it.” (J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan)

When I was a child my favorite place was a library that was near our house. I didn’t know how to read then as I was only about five-ish, but that didn’t matter, as I found something magical just browsing the pages of the books full of fairytales. Back then my parents worked late everyday and I was by myself a lot, so you can imagine the amount of hours I spent with my fictional friends.

When I grew up I didn’t want to give up my faith. After all I had grown up with fairies, witches, dragons, talking animals and little people. Vampires? Well, back then they were more Dracula-like, didn’t sparkle, and definitely were not hot, stunning creatures like today, so no, no vampires… Anyway, I felt myself a bit weird, trying to stumble in an adult world full of serious faces and everlasting hurry and being the only one who still believed in fairies so I decided to stop. I thought about what I’d like to give to my children and the answer came to me immediately. Time. So when my youngest daughter got seriously ill, I decided to stay home and start putting on the paper what was inside my head. And there was a lot.


Stories kept flowing from my mind to the paper and before I knew it I had created a world full of shape shifters, an urban vampire world and a world full of magic. I wanted to mix truth with the fairytales, planting little pieces of detailed facts in the stories and hiding secret messages in them. I hoped that some of my love for the stories as well as my beliefs that there are so much more in this world than what meets the eye would magically transfer from my texts to the reader. And yes, I also used it as my escape from the real world as a part of me refused to believe the fact of what my real life had become.

In many ways I feel I succeeded as I receive a lot of emails from my readers, some nice, some not, telling how they felt about my stories. People of all ages wanting to talk about the messages they found inside the text, the meaning of them and how they found similarities from their own lives. And, no, before you ask, I’m not gonna tell you what those messages are and spoil all the, fun but I am going to tell you something about Shannon, something that hopefully holds a word of wisdom.

Shannon is a twelve-year-old girl who used to live in Boston but after tragically losing her mother had to move to England. You may think that it was cool, but she didn’t think so. You see, she had been quite close with her mother and getting to know her father whom she had only seen in a picture wasn’t exactly on the top of her ‘want-to-do’ list. And moving to the England’s countryside…so out of her wish list.

However, she adapted surprisingly well even though she discover that everything she had believed in had just been a big fat lie and she had to open her mind to the new things in order to survive. Okay, Shannon is a fictional character from a teenread called Black Diamond, but she could be any of us. She struggles with the same things as any teenager. Only her issues are a bit bigger, her solutions exaggerated, but the point is that even in your darkest moment you should never give up. Sure, growing up can sometimes be a pain, but the trick is to find your anchor, something that kicks you up when you want to hide from the world. Maybe it is an encouraging phrase, a lucky charm or a friend or it can even be an imaginary friend, it doesn’t matter, just as long as you figure out what it is.

For me it’s my family, cheesy I know, but so true, and by my family I mean my closest friends, too. Oh, I know that not everyone has a friend but if you choose not to be alone, choose to find the inner strength, you might find a friend just around the corner. Maybe it’s the quiet girl in the back of a classroom that has never said a word to you, maybe it’s a dog or a friendly neighbor or, as in Shannon’s case, a sibling. Someone who was willing to accept her the way she is and showed her the beauty of unconditional love. Love, that in my opinion equals magic.

As for me love is just as mysterious as magic. You can never know what to expect from it, and it doesn’t seem to follow any downtrodden path, but instead creates its own ways, its own ways, that can lead you to adventures beyond your imagination. Love is a shape shifter. It is magic in itself and it speaks in various languages or baths in silence. But of course it’s not that simple. Yes, for me love is magic and vice versa, but it’s also so much more. It’s a spider creating its web and the sun touching the web with its rays. It’s a child laughing or an optical illusion when I look at the rock in the woods and for a nanosecond it looks more like a sleeping troll than a rock.

So you see, magic is everywhere if you know what to look for. 


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