Acrostics & High School

Part of the main goal of Storyhelix is to share the wisdom that comes with age, and one of the things running through my ADD mind at the moment is how long it’s been since I’ve done something with poetry, and how much of a coincidence I am thinking of ADD at the moment, because I’m going to work in a segue to acrostics.

Acrostics are poems which start their lines with different letters of the alphabet; it’s actually used in the Bible a lot (Psalm 119 being the most famous) in the Hebrew alphabet. For my purposes, I am going to use the American English alphabet however, mostly on account of how I’ve only ever learned enough Hebrew to play with the dreidel to win gelt around Hanukkah.

I’m also going to focus on high school, since I did promise to work in some of my best and worst moments, and I haven’t done quite as well as I could.


H is for humility and humiliation.

Fake the first, and you avoid a lot of the second.

Telling your 9th grade social date it was okay for him to leave you for his long-time, already-has-a-boyfriend crush’s attention.

Letting your group know you will be more than happy to do 98% of the work so you don’t have a clown-blood presentation on due date.

Hiding in the bathroom when your own secret crush asks out your best friend until you look normal and speak normal.

I is for imagination and intelligence.

Your imagination can get you out of spots your intelligence cannot.

Don’t want to suck down helium out of the prom balloons like the rest of your ‘cool’ friends? Time for a bathroom break!

Don’t want to volunteer to read aloud during class? Suddenly it is very urgent for you to thoroughly search your purse or pockets for a pencil.

Don’t want to feel bad about not having plans on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday night? Invent imaginary friends and hang out with them.

It works.

G is for grace and great friends.

Having friends – or even just one friend – gives grace a whole new meaning.

When I was lonely, I made one good friend. Sometimes I was still lonely, but I felt more joy.

When I was excited, I shared my excitement with my friend. Sometimes she didn’t get it, but I got more out of it.

When I was invisible, I had a friend to be invisible with. It was harder for others to ignore us, and it was harder for me to care if they did.

Grace and good friends get you through much more dreariness and pain and boredom.

Another H…for Hope and Happiness. 

Happiness is not the most important thing in life, relationships, or choices. It is more important to be hopeful than happy.

I wasn’t always happy in high school; but I was hopeful it turn out okay.

I wasn’t always happy with my family, my friends, or my circumstances, but I was hopeful everything would turn out okay.

I wasn’t always hopeful. But I was hopeful I would be again, and that would be enough for the moment.

There’s a happiness that only comes from being hopeful.

Some people say that it is terrible to say there is a point to suffering. I need that point, though. Pain and pleasure and purpose all fuel the artist’s process. I need all of them to get the best picture possible.

I’m kind of proud I didn’t mention coffee in the poem.


2 thoughts on “Acrostics & High School

    1. Hi! I think time and memory work together to be an interesting kind of teacher. As we learn more and experience more, we can reflect on how our new experiences change our perception of the past. I was very shy in high school and didn’t have a lot of friends. I think having a healthy friendship and finding a person, or maybe even just a way to express yourself honestly is a great place to start. 🙂 How about you?


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