Storyhelix Review 029: A Familiar Darkness

Who doesn’t love a good pre-release special?

One of the best things about being a reviewer is getting to see authors at their best – right before they launch a new book! (It’s certainly my happiest time as a writer.) That’s one of the reasons I was so happy to check out Heather Sutherlin’s newest book, the first in her new Soul Ties series, A Familiar Darkness. 



The story surrounds two characters, Hannah and Archer, who meet each other soon after Hannah decides to take a break from her art. She is a painter, and heads out to see a carnival near where she lives. Once Archer sees her, he can’t help but notice there’s a demon hanging over her. He is determined to avoid her, even as he finds himself compelled to help her out.

Eventually, after warning her away from him, Archer discovers Hannah is an artistic prophetess, one who is able to see the future in her dreams that she ends up painting or sketching. With this ability, the two form an alliance as demons begin to attack Hannah ruthlessly.

With the right amount of romance budding, tragedy ensuing, and mystery surrounding them, this story sets up for an adventurous series.

Check it out at the links below!



A Familiar Darkness by @Heather Sutherlin






Archer is a magician with a few more tricks up his sleeve than even the savviest street performer could imagine. Devilishly handsome and full of dark secrets, his devil-may-care attitude came at a price and unfortunately for him, the devil may care after all.

When he meets Hannah, a runaway whose art is more than it seems, he’s determined to keep her and her drama at arm’s length. But their souls are tied together with bonds that won’t be ignored and it’s going to take all his skill to keep her safe from the horde that follows her every move.


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