Storyhelix Review 030: A Light in the Darkness

There are so many books in the world, and I just happen to find a lot of comfort in the young adult book genre. There’s something magical about the time of growing up. Probably because I know it’s hard but since I did it already it’s easier for me to feel in control of my own life. Probably.

I got to spend some time reading Heather Sutherlin’s book A Light in the Darkness, book 1 of the Light of Lioan series.



Merrilyn finds herself the gifted healer of a kingdom. She has grown up with her friend, Justan, who is the second son of the king. When she discovers her powers, and a new threat upon the kingdom leaves Justan vulnerable, Merrilyn is faced with the greatest test of her bravery yet.

Kudos Goes To: 

1. Sweet, growing up together romance. Who doesn’t like to know that the love of your life is someone you’ve always known but never seen that way? Justan’s protectiveness and desire to both be with Merrilyn and keep her away in order to protect her is very sweet. Makes my heart feel full.

2. Spiritual Elements. The idea of evil has been mistakenly muted over the last decade in American culture. It is hard for people to believe that there are some people who just do evil things because of evil (and accurately attribute that to evil, not politics or religion or something else silly.) In this book, Merrilyn’s power is not the only thing awakening inside of her: It is a test of her faith, her trust, and her courage.

3. It’s only book 1. The first book seems like it’s  a good introduction to the rest of the series.

*4. Free today! It’s free today!.


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