You Can’t Always Make it on Your Own

There are many times in life when you will need to walk alone. There are just some places life will take you when it is only meant for you.

I’ve felt alone more in my own life than I’ll wager many others have, but I know more that I’m more open about it. I talk about depression and loneliness and how it can be a good thing and a bad thing.

As a writer, and even as a Christian, it is hard to think of life and faith as a group thing. Too many movies and television shows encourage people to be the “leader,” out in front, all alone, whose decisions are the difference between life, death, and diagnosis.

But when I am in the company of my friends, even via Facebook, there are little things that warm my heart more than the people who can, implicitly and explicitly, encourage me in doing what I know I am meant to do.


So, thank you to all my beautiful friends, old and new. I love you and my life would never be as rich and full without you. You have taught me a beautiful lesson – that you can’t always make it on your own. And God has used you to show me multiple times how gracious he is in sending the people you’d never expect to play those roles in your life for you.

Special shout-out to my new cousin, Julia, and my old college friend Amanda for all their help, even just today!


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