Loving People with Your Time

It’s easy to love people by with money. Before my poor wording is misunderstood, let me clarify: It’s easy to show the people we love that we do in fact love them by giving them money.

I should say easier, but in reality, I think money is the simplest way we can love someone.

I had an epiphany a few months ago, and it’s been settling around inside of me for a bit, trying to think of a good plotline to go with it. But it’s a pretty interesting, and I would say important, realization.

We can love people in many ways, but the one we opt for – collectively, as a whole – seems to be money.

This was something I noticed at Christmas, and, lucky me, I get to consider it again as my birthday draws near (January has great after Christmas sales, so I usually get a nice haul-over). But when I am asked what I want, especially in recent years – the years I since have been more of an adult – I just want time.


Time to myself, time with my family, time with the things and people and stuff I love.

When I was in high school, I went to a retirement home for a few weeks during the summer one year to help with the senior’s art classes.

Some part of me hated it; the home was more than a bit depressing, and it was tiring to have to talk louder than normal and smile and answer the same questions over (it’s not really that different from teaching high school, come to think of it). But when I left, I knew I had done the best thing for the people there that I could – I’d given them my time to show them that their lives mattered, that they could still give meaning to others, and they had plenty of things to look forward to in life. And that was time well spent.

The next time you get to give someone you really love a gift, I challenge you to forgo the money and/or the gift, and give them something they would really like  – your time!


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