Thank You!

I tell my students when it comes to writing, and learning to write, it always takes time and discipline.

I started writing many years ago, but I just started feeling as though I was ready to publish recently (as in, still “years” recently.)

I think just the fact that it takes time to be a great writer, to be a good writer, and to even be a writer period, is something I will have to learn and re-learn over and over again.

In conjunction with this, I know it’s because of the support I’ve gotten from others that has really allowed me to do a better job than I ever could have. Your support means a lot to me, whether you follow me on Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, or any other site, so, from the bottom of my heart, as cold and small as it is some days,



Until we meet again,

C. S. Johnson


2 thoughts on “Thank You!

  1. What a lovely sentiment. Thank you for your thanks, C.S. Johnson, it certainly drew me in. I was at a book launch last night in the Abbey Theatre in Dublin. It’s a book about Maire Nic Shuibhlaigh, actress and founder of Ireland’s national theatre, revolutionary and unsung hero. So I started reading it today and I can’t put it down – well, until I started writing this. I was sitting in a pub later with a copy of the book and one of my own, when a customer, a complete stranger asked me about them. When she saw my book was crime fiction, she got excited and told me she loved reading crime fiction. So I gave her my book, signed, to her. And then I thanked her.


    1. Sounds like you had an awesome experience! Congrats on both getting to share in the experience of bringing new worlds to new people, both on the receiving and giving end.


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