What Really Matters

Because of my creative, imaginative nature, one of the things I’ve most consistently been accused of is blowing things out of proportion. I think it would happen more when I was a child and a teenager, but it’s happened enough as an adult that I’m pretty sure I would make a great conspiracy theorist.

Of course, now that I’m a writer, it’s a good thing, even, to consider how the situation looks from the other the perception of the other “character.”

It’s the perfect time of the year to talk about the way we perceive things vs. the way they really are.

Christmas has come and gone, and while it is always about family for me, it is really about so much more. I also want to place some of the contemplative turn about me on Star Wars this year, since The Force Awakens came out, and yes, I totally went to go see it. I grew up in the 90’s, so it’s a huge thing with 90’s kids. The reboots in ’97 came out when I was in elementary school, and I remember seeing them with my family. It is the first clear memory I have of going to the movies. And Mark Hamill was my first really big celebrity crush (still is, I don’t care that he got old.)

But back to my main point.


Christmas is about Christ. It’s about God, Abba Father, sending his son down to have his divine nature wrapped up in human skin, to live among men and to die as an outcast, a perfect sacrifice for my sins and yours, too. It’s about a gift we could never earn, a life we could never imagine, and a price we could never pay.

It’s so easy to get wrapped up in Christmas. It’s easy to get wrapped up in life, too. From family to friends to television to the news, to Facebook to Twitter to Vine or Snapchat or texting, there are always plenty of things to do or see or critique or talk about or sleep through. There is always something that demands our attention, and NOW. 

Don’t let life take you away from what really matters.

What are some things that, in the big scheme of life, become instantly too small to see?


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