Back to School & Other Routines

It’s that time of the year when it’s time to go back to school.


I said it for you. But I have some good news for you.

1) If you want to get stupider, it’s still possible. 

If you really want to be stupid, ignorant, and “happy” all the time, in the same way a mouse in a maze stuffing his face with cheese can be happy, then let me introduce you to my good friend, Netflix. I highly recommend anything that does not have any educational value.

2) There will come a time when school will be done. And it is not just about what you have learned about the school subjects. In the end, will have a breathtaking view of what you have learned about yourself, your life, and your God. 

And at church today, the pastor asked us all to pray for those who were sitting around us who were going back to school, and so I think I would like to copy an abridged version of the one I said for the two high schoolers who were lucky enough to be sitting behind me, George and Justin, today:

Heavenly Father,

You know all things; you created us, you walk with us, and you go before us. Today I ask you go before <insert your name here!> as school time approaches. I ask you give them peace in the face of trial, faith in times of uncertainty, courage in spite of fear, and love in the place where hate would reside. I know school can be hard, and I know learning can seem endless. I ask that you give them this time to learn not only about the subjects in school, but to give them this time to learn about themselves, and to find their passions. Give them the spark of insight into the desires of their hearts, Lord, and let them find not only themselves, but allow them to break through their selves, to see you and find you. Let your presence protect them, guide them, keep them, and inspire them.

In Jesus’ name,


God has always gone before me, and I have always managed to fall into his waiting arms when I could not go on. If you trust in him, there is nothing you cannot get through. I know from my own experiences how much I have grown to be able to endure.

High school was always a bit of a tricky wicket for me. I loved it, I hated it, I hated it some more, and then I graduated and realized it was okay. But make no mistake – I felt like Katniss shooting her way out of the arena when I did. If you love it, you hate it, or you’re just waiting for it to end, God bless you and keep you, and make his face shine upon you. The Bible is the real good news.

But I do have some more good news of my own! Calling, the Special Annotated Edition, is still out. 

There’s a special short story after the annotated version of Calling, entitled “Falling,” and it is told from Starry Knight’s perspective. If you want to get more inside of her head, now’s your chance!

Until we meet again,

C. S. Johnson


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