I am a Christian because of Christ, Not Other Christians

At this point and time, there are a lot of things going on in the media where Christians are kind of getting it hard.

I’m okay with that, within reason. Some of them need to be corrected, and I don’t always feel sympathetic towards some of them when the backlash is bad. But I don’t really make an exception for Christians over any other celebrity, even though I am one. In fact, I do believe on some level, since Christians (ideally) know better, we should welcome the ‘higher standard’ in our living and life choices than those who do not know God, or want to follow Christ. It’s almost like a compliment. Kind of like Anne Boleyn getting the French swordsman instead of the ax, but hey. I’ll take it.

I wanted to make a few things clear here. Give the world my two cents, as it were.


All of us are sinners. No one is perfect. We all do bad things, and most likely, we all have that one thing in our life we just don’t want to talk about with other people.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a man, a woman, somewhere in between; it doesn’t matter if you’re black, white, red, or blue; it doesn’t matter if you are young, old, or just feel old or act young; it doesn’t matter if you have money or if you never have money; it doesn’t matter if you are famous or infamous or in front of us or if you avoid us; it doesn’t matter if you are a Christian or atheist or Muslim or Jewish or Hindu; whether you are a materialistic hoarder or a devout minimalist; it doesn’t especially doesn’t matter if you are Republican or Democratic, or even if you are a King or Blood or part of the mafia or even part of the fashion mafia.

If you are a human being, you have sinned at some point in your life. ALL of us are sinners. BUT…

Some of us are stupid.

And some of us are ignorant. Some of us are impatient and angry and tired of being overlooked or over-scrutinized. Some of us see the rest of the world as stupid, and have a hard time getting over it.

Some of us are victimizers just as much as we are victims.

Some of us feel way too entitled to things.

Some of us still make terribly bad, sometimes unbelievably bad, decisions. A lot of us still hurt people. A lot of us still don’t get things right.

A lot of us want an easy life. Many of us are tired of the hypocrisy. Probably all of us are too afraid of judgment to show ourselves to others. I’ll bet load of us have rejected others because we didn’t want to be rejected by them.

And, unfortunately, even with the truth to guide us, Christians often fall into more than nearly all of these categories.

Perhaps once more unfortunately, the only thing that really separates Christians from everyone else some days is that we believe Jesus is the answer.

To the Christians, I say:

It would be great if we were all just a bit smarter, just a bit more attractive, maybe more productive or successful than the rest of the world. We’re not. We’re not even more loving all the time. We’re not always the best and the brightest in everything or anything. We just have Jesus, that’s all. Stop using him as your shield for how great you are. If anything, he’s proof you’re broken. Choosing him doesn’t make you suddenly more valuable than any of the other people in the world. I struggle with this too. But we need to keep working on it.

To everyone else, I say:

You can’t set Christians up for failure with unrealistic (key word: UNREALISTIC) expectations. Yes, you can hold us to a higher standard, but it’s not a pass/fail thing. It’s life and relationships and circumstances and fear and love and joy and depression all rolled into one and mixed up together in the bowels of a sin-filled world. Most of us are still trying to figure everything out. We WILL make mistakes and make terrible ones. If I would challenge the Christians to do better with their lives more, I would challenge you to love on us more. Many of us are afraid of you in some manner or another. We think you will hurt us. I know more than once I have lashed out in someone in God’s name because I was afraid they hated me first.

I know I still want people to love me, even though I am a Christian. Putting myself in the “Christian” category puts me in the same category as people like Kirk Cameron, Hilary Clinton, Pope Francis, Adolf Hitler, Denzel Washington, Billy Graham, the Westboro Baptist people, and Justin Bieber. Do you realize how much of a mixed bag that is? If not, read that list again. There are a lot of people you can easily hate there. And I still want to be loved, in spite of my horrible attempts to live a Christian life (I don’t pray before I eat), and even because of my horrible attempts at a Christian life (I have bonded with people many times over through shared “world domination” scenarios).

If you hate me because you hate Jesus, I’ll understand that. I just don’t want you to hate me if you hate me because you hate other Christians.

I am a Christian because of Christ, not because of other Christians.

Please don’t get the two confused.

Also, please stop mentioning the crusades. I’m tired of hearing it from people who don’t know much about them. It doesn’t matter if you are Christian or Muslim or atheist or smurf, if you don’t know proper history, don’t argue with it. And Wikipedia STILL doesn’t count as ‘proper history.’


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