You Could Be the Answer

Are you down about your life? You feel like need someone to step in and take care of you? Do you think things are just going from bad to worse to worser? Are you walking around with terrifying unanswered questions about your life, your job, or your future? Do you just wish by now I’d get to the point?

I think we all kind of do that. I do that periodically. I need someone to talk me down from that stage. Usually my mom does it.

It’s not pretty, facing a lot of unknowable things that can effect your life on so many levels for so many years for so many reasons.

I want to encourage you today with this.

There are times when I have been like this, and I’ve asked for a sign, or I’ve asked for help. The response I get is either “The Wizard of Oz” way, where I find out that the answer’s been inside me all along, or I get a definite answer. I tend to like these better, because the other way makes me feel a little silly.

When I was on a mission trip to Tokyo, Japan, I asked God to give me a friend there; I was 3,000 miles from home, and I wanted a friend more than I wanted pictures or souvenirs. That’s when I met my Japanese brother, Ken. He’s just over a week younger than me, and turns out we had a lot of connections back in the United States, where he’d been staying as part of an exchange program.

Ken is one of the people in my life (we are still good friends years later) who is proof of miracles. He is an answer to my prayers.

Yesterday, someone told me I was their answer to prayer.


We’d met through freelancing; he had a project he’d needed help with, and he’d posted something on the Internet. I saw it and reached out, hoping to only help with his project. He contacted me first, specifically telling me I was not the first who’d answered, but the one with the response he was the most intrigued by (I don’t even remember what I’d written) and after the first reply back, he was determined to get me onboard permanently with one of his companies, which was starting to decline, since he has a lot of different businesses.

He told me later I was his answer to prayer.

I don’t think I deserve that, really. My life is not perfect; I have debt and stress and two kids, and my house is never clean enough for me to feel good about people visiting. I have a dog and two cats that shed like crazy, and since I started budgeting, I’ve realized the best way to keep to the food budget is to just not buy food unless you have to. I am trying to write my books but I secretly don’t want to actually write them (I just want them to be written), and I get on Facebook way too much and I am tired all the time. I teach three days a week and it’s too much some days, but I hate the thought of not working and pulling my weight because as Tina Fey asserts, “We really can have it all!”

But I was somebody’s answer to prayer. I can help someone else even if I can’t seem to help myself some days.

It’s a beautiful, laughable, ironic thing.

So please don’t give up. You will have problems, and I will have problems; problems are here to stay, period. But without problems, we wouldn’t have as much prayer, and if I was someone’s answer to prayer, maybe you’re someone’s, too.


2 thoughts on “You Could Be the Answer

    1. The best thing we can do is be the best we can. I like how Max Lucado puts it in his book, A Gentle Thunder: “Much of life is spent rowing” meaning “small” things – changing diapers, cleaning up the kitchen, cooking dinner, listening to people, etc.


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