Storyhelix Review 033: The Tears of Nero

A new release is coming from The Crossover Alliance!

The Tears of Nero comes from Jason Brannon, who has several other works in the Christian fantasy genre.

The story begins with Kellan, who is in Rome with his mother; she has died, after a bought with lymphoma. Deeply saddened and troubled by the loss, he finds himself being herald by a mysterious figure that promises him an end to his pain. Kellan accepts.

From there, Edward and the main group of people (including Sadie, Kelly, Henry, and Franklin) that take center stage for the rest of the plot come forward. Originally, they were at a party, but they have washed up on an island. A message in a bottle greets them from Nero, the name of their captor and tormentor. Each of them is warned that survival is only possible with the death of others.

Throughout the rest of the book, there are several twists and turns and surprises. And it is just the beginning, with Book 2 coming soon!


Best Things

1. Biblical and Historical Lore. With many mysterious figures running around using names like “John the Baptist,” “Moses,” “Nero,” and “Seneca,” you have to appreciate the humor and the sincerity of the characters’ roles. While some of my deconstructionist friends would enjoy untangling some of the irony, I felt it was a good mixed bag of wry humor and madness.

2. Allusions to Classics and Culture. Many other works and stories seem to have inspired the book by Brannon. As I was reading through, classic works like The Lord of the Flies came to mind, in addition to pop-culture such as “Survivor,” “Gilligan’s Island,” and The Left Behind Series. 

3. Biblical Appreciation. Throughout the whole book, there is the question of “Why does God allow suffering to good people?” The consequences of sins of others, as well as personal sins in the past, show the pervasive and destructive nature of sin on humanity.

Overall it is a unique and interesting read. Check it out on Amazon here. And if you’ve read the book, let us know what you thought about it in the comments below!




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