Debts & Honor: Thoughts on Memorial Day

Memorial Day is not fun for me. I don’t really like barbecues and cookouts. I’m not a big fan of very boom-blasty music, and out of red, white, and blue, blue is the only color which looks good on me.

I get why we have the holiday; I really do. Maybe that’s why it’s not fun for me.

I don’t like being in debt. I don’t like feeling I ‘owe’ someone something, and it doesn’t matter if it is student loan debt, or an ‘IOU’ favor, or if it is something bigger, like a debt of gratitude.

The truth is, the United States has a lot of debt to payoff. And we pay it off largely through taxes. Individually and financially, the IRS will be more than happy to make us be accountable and make sure we know how much ‘debt’ we carry towards them. China and the other countries we owe (can’t think of any at the moment) will further make us pay off our debt, one way or another.


But there is no paying off a debt to someone who dies for you.

And there is no governing body, no tax/mafia, no teacher or parent, nor family member, who can make you honor that, nobody to make you take it seriously. Not even God will make you honor that, and if you know Christ, you should know that very well.

It bothers me when people say they want to join the Army or military to ‘get a free pass’ on student loans or housing or something like that. I don’t want someone who might end up dying so I can have my rights just in it for the benefits. I can understand that, but I can’t respect that. Those are the people who think it’s all about them, when the people who die for their country, truly, are the ones who recognize they are not dying for just you and me, but they are dying for a greater cause and a greater story.

I owe those individuals a debt, and while I can’t pay it, I will honor them, and I will do it seriously and solemnly, with full measure and awareness of how much I take their cost for granted.


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