Life Online

It’s summer time, and since I am not in the regular classroom regularly anymore, I am at home. I Facebook a lot, consequently. I think about how great things would be sometimes if everything were just a virtual world.

And then I think…”The Matrix.”

And “Fahrenheit 451.”

Since I write books, I often wonder what the future will really look like. After all, in the last ten years we’ve come up with enough gadgets to move the attention span down from 6 minutes to 8 seconds. We’ve turned in our digital cameras, mobile phones, video cameras, and even computers in for a smart phone. What will the next ten years bring?

With our individualistic culture in America, I think it’ll be virtual reality books. Okay…maybe not ten years, but still, wouldn’t that be cool. You can have your book narrated to you (possibly by Morgan Freeman) while you feel your body moving around in the world of the book. Talk about getting lost in a book.


I’m going trademark that, I think.

Oh well. We’ll see in ten years, I guess.

What do you guys think?


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