Me, Myself, Myself, Myself, and Myself

I talk about myself a lot. Read again: A LOT.

I want to leave a legacy behind that is reasonably grand. All or nothing!

If I do get famous, I want to advocate for educational reform, because my teacher school experience was nothing like school. Two key things I want to touch on: teachers are no way paid enough for their jobs, and the ones who are paid about what they deserve are the ones who should not be teaching. Or in administration!! (!!!!!).

I hate the media even if I secretly long to be applauded on it. Probably that’s the reason why I hate it. Or maybe because everything is sensationalized today. Everything except me!


I really do want to change the world. It is a pathetic, idealist wish which I wish would resonate with everyone out there. I mean to encourage people to be more honest, and not be so nice about honest (but somewhat nice about honest at the same time). I want people to be more of themselves. It is a wonderful, freeing thing to mention everything about myself which drives me crazy and probably other people too. Sure, people will rebuke it, fight it, laugh at it, but at the end of the day I am as authentic as it comes. I refuse to be someone other than myself and I am proud of that. And when I am in a controversial opinion, I will just change the subject.


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