Carrying Your Cross in the Moonlight

If you are new to my postings, you might not know I have suffered through depression before. If you are here unexpectedly, you might not know I am a Christian. I have heard a lot of people say that joy is the mark of the faith, and I will agree it is one of our personal banners and on many occasions a choice we should feel compelled to make.

Depression is not the same thing as mainstream unhappiness. Depression has several different definitions and symptoms. My experiences of it have varied from time to time, but I have learned to view it as one of the other well-known Christian traits. I see it as a battle, and I am called to pick up my cross and follow Christ. It is a reoccurring compulsion inside my heart:

“Follow thou me.”

Sometimes we walk by faith rather than sight, and some times we walk in darkness rather than light.



That’s a short bit of inspiration I found a while ago. I hope if you or someone you know is struggling today, they will offer comfort for them.


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