I am Afraid to Write

As much as I love being a writer, I often find myself afraid to write. It’s funny to me, in an ironic sort of way, the kind of funny that makes you roll your eyes at yourself.

I know a lot of other writers, and from their posts and musings and chats, I can tell they have similar problems when it comes to writing.

Why are we so afraid? I think a lot has to do with living in a fallen world, but I know more specifically it is rooted in a number of insecurities.


Here’s one of my biggest fears about writing:

I am afraid to write because I worry I will write everything down and have nothing left to write once I finish.

That’s one that managed to keep me from writing for years. Literally, years.


I still shake my head at myself. Because here is what I realized after I finally went back to writing: the more you do, the more you find.

It is the same principle I think many people Take to relationships, even with God, too. But the more you look, the more you find, and sometimes, the second or third time finding something is more magical than the first.

Now, I make sure I keep remembering that there is always more. Always. It just takes time and diligence to find it, but it’s there.


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