Everlasting is Now Available!

Of all the Starlight Chronicles, I feel like this is the one I have been the most indulgent in. I think it rounds out the series nicely; even the people who know me best, while they will know which paragraphs are Easter eggs and truly me speaking, will find a few surprises.

Everlasting is the series’ finale, the last show, and I am sad to see it go, even though I know it will never truly leave me.

That’s really the truth about the stories that touch our hearts, isn’t it? They nestle into the niches in our hearts and lives, intertwining their words into our own DNA. They change us, and they stay with us. I don’t see how writing it is much different from reading it in this case.



Ps. I just love my cover artist’s work! She did a great job capturing Adonaias. It suits the book very well.

You can find Everlasting here at Amazon along with my other work. Give me a few months and I’ll have it out on other channels, too, I promise!


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