New Book Coming Soon! The Space Pirates are Back. And this Time, It’s War

I am pleased to say I just sent off my latest manuscript to my fabulous editor. She will have the book back to me at the end of the month, so I will have a new book out in slightly less than a month. Hopefully.

The new book in question is The Breadth of Creation, Book 2 of the Divine Space Pirates trilogy.

The book begins shortly after The Heights of Perdition left off, where (spoiler) our hero, Exton, and our heroine, Aerie, have been tragically parted by a cruel twist of fate in the form of her father and world domination politics.

If that doesn’t convince you right there that you need to read it, and Book 2, then I don’t know what will.

I could also try this: I’ll happily send out review copies if anyone is interested. Please shot me a message over one or more social media sites and we’ll make the magic happen.

Keep following for more details …




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