A Thank You, From Me to You, For You

I am not a great self-marketer. I hate talking about myself – or at least, about my writing. Even with family members. They sometimes ask, “How’s your writing going?” and it’s seriously a deer in the headlights moment. Sometimes I will talk about it, other times I will switch topics pretty quickly. Either way, I always feel awkward, because I feel like it’s either forced or they’ve run out of other things to talk to me about, or both.

So if you ever meet me in person and I start rambling about the weather or something philosophical, then please excuse me. I’m just nervous or too emotionally involved and that never ends well. Unless it’s in writing.

I’ve been writing nearly non-stop for almost six months now, and I’ve been published for about four years. I know I’ve made some progress when it comes to telling people about my work, but I also know I have a long way to go before I hit the big time. Right now I’m settling for the little time, and I love it. Believe me, if the only thing in my life that is terrible is waiting for the next seasons of my favorite Netflix shows and that I don’t sell as many books as James Patterson or Nora Roberts, or even that guy who wrote “The Shack,” I’m happy. I’ve very grateful to the people who have become loyal followers (it’s nice my mom has some company) and how they are okay I only check in on social media once or twice a day (no way I can match Jon Acuff’s pace.)

So for my thanks, I wanted everyone to know I lowered the prices on my paperbacks. You can see them on my Amazon page.

I never really felt that accepted where I was when I was growing up. I still have that feeling, no matter where I am, from time to time – and it is good, because I know this place is not my final home – but it’s nice to have this sort of imaginary internet clout where people can come and hang and ask me questions about my work and what’s important to me and why. Even if I am not world famous, it matters to me that other people can be touched and impacted by my work, and I am grateful for any kindness that comes my way.

I know people are busy. I know people have money issues. I know people might not want to take the time to read my work. But for the ones who do, and the ones who it speaks to their lives, it is astounding and beautiful and flooring. And that’s just for me. Hopefully it’s better for them.

I always wanted to do something great for God. Turns out, it’s as simple as writing words (simple, not easy) and it’s as close as my fingers are to my laptop keyboard. As always, I’ll leave it to him to do what he thinks is good.




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