It’s Here At Last! The Divine Space Pirates, #3

Hi everyone,


As you well know by now, there’s nothing that makes me happier than having a new release for you!

Today, The Price of Paradise, Book 3 (the final book in the series), is out!

Aerie and Exton’s adventure into war, romance, and their tangled family histories is about to come to an explosive and deadly conclusion.

Please check it out on Amazon where you can get it on Kindle Unlimited, buy the ebook, or the paperback! And then please leave me a review so I’ll know what you thought of it. Good or bad, I do read all the reviews and emails people send me about my books, and I always appreciate the time spent on such an endeavor.

One thing about my paperback editions is that if you purchase the paperback, you automatically get the ebook for free! So please consider buying the paperback and donating it to your local library if you don’t actually use the physical copies.


So, please enjoy my new book along with me, and look for my next book, the third novella in my Once Upon a Princess saga, Beauty’s Kiss, as it will be coming out in the next couple of months as well!


Much Love,



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