My Next Book is ALMOST Here!

Beauty Kiss 3.jpgThe next book in my Once Upon a Princess saga is almost here! If you’ve been wondering what Princess Rose, Theo, Isra, Philip, and the others are all up to since Part II came out last year, you’ll finally get some relief!

AND … Part IV is NOT far behind!!

It’s available for pre-order here:

All of my books in this series have a new surprise in them, too! There’s a special treasure hunt for my readers, where after you read the book (or you skip to the end, lol – I know some of you do that!) you can get a special prize for reading. 😀 It’s SOOOOO COOL, you life will change after seeing it!

WANT TO GET MORE BOOKS FOR FREE? Sign up for my mailing list here and I’ll tell you how:






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