One Night of Moonlight

It’s a busy month here, but there’s a new book out for you!

I’m pleased to announce that One Night of Moonlight (The Moonlight Pegasus #2) has been launched. It’s currently available on Amazon here.

If you’ve read The Moonlight Pegasus, my first-ever book, you’ll find the familiar characters of Princess Selene and her beloved, Etoileon, as they head out to Jewel Island with their 12-year-old daughter Terra. While Selene is there to help with her charities and meet with her husband’s family members, Terra has to face the uncomfortable reminder of the previous visit, where an unspeakable tragedy robbed her of all her childhood idealism.

I don’t talk much about The Moonlight Pegasus, but this sequel (a record 19K in length, after the first book’s 115K) adds a lot of charm to the first, even though it will carry itself. Terra is much more of a spitfire than her mother was, even while she has the same secret longing as her mother did: To have beautiful dreams of Pegasus, and to see the world through awakened eyes.


Moonlight Night 2.jpg


As with all my work, I’m thankful for any reviews and I’d love to know what you think!


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