“Beauty’s Gift” is here, and the Once Upon a Princess Saga is Complete!

As I mentioned before in my other post, August is a busy month. Many of my friends have kids that are returning to school, and some of my other friends are also returning to school.

But for me, it’s just launch season, I guess, since I have another book out! “Beauty’s Gift,” the last part of the Once Upon a Princess saga, has arrived. Check it out on Amazon here.

“Beauty’s Gift” is the last part of Princess Rose’s story, where it is finally time for her to come home to her kingdom and face Magdalina, the wicked ruler of the fairies. Rose is desperate to have the curse placed on her as a child removed, but she also finds herself desperately bored and unable to focus once she gets home. (Even a princess has to learn how to handle politics, after all.)

But there’s another reason for her despair: Theo has left her, and as much as she knows it is “for the best,” she cannot stop herself from thinking about him — or his kiss.


Will true love prevail? Will Rose prick her finger on a spindle of a spinning wheel and fall into sleeping death?

There’s plenty of ways to find out and guess, but there’s only one sure way to do it that will bring you the most amount of pleasure: Buy the book and eat some chocolate as you read it!


Beauty Gift 4.jpg

Let me know what you think!!


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